AA7HW: After your License Exam: Download & Print License

  • Print Official Copy: Go to the FCC License Manager Log In page. Enter your FCC Registration Number (FRN) and password and click SUBMIT. If you have multiple licenses (e.g. Amateur Radio License and GMRS License), click My Licenses on the left, then click on your callsign in the list of licenses. Click on the link to download your official electronic authorizations now. Note that you may need to unblock popup windows in order to download your license. Note that you must enter your FRN and password to download an official copy of your license, so only you can download and print an official copy of your license.
  • Print Reference Copy: Go to the FCC Universal Licensing System (ULS) License Search page, enter the desired callsign, and click the search button. Click on the desired Call Sign / Lease ID. Then click on the Reference Copy link near the top of the page to download a printable PDF Reference Copy of the license. Note that anyone can download and print a Reference Copy of any amateur radio license.
  • Print More Attractive (Unofficial) License.