AA7HW: Fully Kiosk Operation

Fully Kiosk is an app for Android and Fire tablets that locks the device into a kiosk mode, which restricts access to apps and websites other than those specifically permitted. When used with Exam Tools, Fully Kiosk ensures that candidates taking an exam can not access any other websites or any other apps on the tablet. Refer to Setup Fire Tablets for information on how to install and configure Fully Kiosk.
  • To power off or restart the tablet, or to capture a screen shot, press and hold the Power button on top of the tablet until a menu appears on the right of the screen, then select the desired option, or tap outside of the menu to dismiss the menu. Note that if the tablet has been properly configured, Fully Kiosk will automatically start shortly after the tablet resets or powers on. To access a screen shot, you must exit Fully Kiosk.
  • To exit Fully Kiosk, change the Fully Kiosk configuration, or to setup WiFi, press and hold near the center left side of the screen, and then swipe to the right. A popup will prompt you to enter the Fully Kiosk PIN.
    • To setup WiFi, enter the WiFi PIN and click OK. This will allow you to setup or change the WiFi configuration, but not make any other changes to the tablet configuration. When you click the back arrow, you will return to Fully Kiosk. It is safe to give the WiFi PIN to VE Team Members to enable them to assist in connecting the tablets to a WiFi network.
    • To exit Fully Kiosk, or to make any changes to the Fully Kiosk configuration, enter the Fully Kiosk PIN and click OK. This should rarely or never be required. In order to prevent unauthorized changes to the configuration, it is strongly recommended that only trusted and experienced team members have access to the Fully Kiosk PIN. If you exit Fully Kiosk, you must manually restart Fully Kiosk. Restarting or Power Cycling the tablet will not restart Fully Kiosk. Note that the recommended approach to ensure that all of your tablets have the identical configuration is to edit the fully-settings.json file and install the updated file on all tablets, as described in Setup Fire Tablets.
      • Click Settings to change your Fully Kiosk preferences.
      • Click Exit Fully to Exit Fully Kiosk. The Disable the Kiosk Mode popup will display. Click Disable Kiosk Mode and> the app will close and the Home screen will appear.
    • If you change your mind after swiping to the right to bring up the prompt for the Fully Kiosk PIN, simply click OK without entering any PIN.
    • A few VEs have reported that after swiping left, the keyboard is not displayed, making it impossible to enter the WiFi PIN or Fully Kiosk PIN. The recommended work-around is to toggle the buttons on the bottom in a random sequence, and swipe right again, until the keypad eventually appears.
  • To restart Fully Kiosk after exiting:
    • Click the Fully Kiosk icon to start the app.
    • Press and hold near the center left side of the screen, and then swipe to the right.
    • Select Settings, scroll down, and click Kiosk Mode (Plus).
    • Click the slider from off to on to Switch Kiosk Mode on.
    • Click twice on the back arrow at the bottom of the screen, and a popup screen will ask to "Switch Kiosk Mode on?"
    • Click Yes in the lower right of the popup screen.