Recording the Session

W5YI Requires that the Zoom session be recorded in the event that there is any question about the integrity of the online exam process. The recording must be preserved for 15 months.

Recording to the Cloud

Recording to the Cloud captures multiple video files, providing more viewing options. However, only the main room, not breakout rooms, can be recorded to the cloud. Since Zoom provides limited cloud storage, cloud recordings must normally be promptly downloaded to the local computer and deleted from the cloud to avoid exceeding your storage limit. Zoom allows you to exceed your cloud storage limit briefly (until the next morning) before restricting additional recording capability.

The following are the file naming conventions when recording to the cloud:

Name_1920x900.mp4Shared screen with speaker view
Name_gallery_1920x900.mp4Shared screen with gallery view
Name_avo_640x360.mp4Speaker view
Name_gvo_1280x720.mp4Gallery view
Name_as_1600x900.mp4Shared screen
Name.m4aAudio only
Name.txtChat file

Recording Locally

Recording locally captures only a single video file, showing only the view (Gallery or Presenter) selected by the person doing the recording. Therefore, in order to capture the information required by W5YI, the person doing the recording must remain in Gallery view in order to capture all participants. Furthermore, the person doing the recording must disable Use dual monitors in the Zoom General preferences, and must enable Record video during screen sharing and Place video next to the share screen in the recording in the Zoom Recording preferences.

The following are the file naming conventions when recording locally:

zoom_0.mp4Participant View
audio_only.m4aAudio Only
playback.m3uM3U Playlist
meeting_saved_chat.txtChat file